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"Stronger Mind

Stronger Body"


Jon Radcliffe Sports Consultancy is based in the North West of England and is able to offer evidence based sport psychology interventions tailored to developing your sporting performance. This includes:
• Pre-competition preparation
• Goal setting and performance profiling
• Mental and physical anxiety control methods
• Specific attention control conditioning techniques



Dr Jon Radcliffe BSc (Hons) completed a PhD in 2013 examining the use of Sport Psychology within Strength and Conditioning training.


Jon graduated from the University of Salford in 2008, with a First Class degree in Applied Sport Science.

Jon has worked with a range of athletes from a wide variety of disciplines including Lacrosse, Rugby, Swimming and Fencing


You can book one to one sessions with Jon Radcliffe Sports Consultancy  through the Contact page or emailing

For further information and details on what Jon Radcliffe Sports Consultancy could do for you send us an email through our contact page.



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