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One to one cognitive skills session

At Jon Radcliffe Sports Consultancy we can offer bespoke training specific for your sporting requirements and tailored to fit within your current training routine.

​Sessions can range from specific skill development such as:

  • Attention focusing and maintaining concentration during critical stages of the game,
  • Regulating competitive anxiety, though to preparation strategies to enable you to be in the optimal mental state as well as at the prime level of physical preparation.
  • If there is a certain area you want to work on email Jon directly at for more information.

Sessions are usually an hour long and a mix of consultancy and training sessions. During a consultancy session  the specific sport demands are discussed and cognitive skills are identified and based on this a needs analysis a mental skills training package is developed though the stages of Education, Acquisition and Practice.

The one to one training consists of training and practice session with full support as you gradually integrated the skills you develop into competition. This can include support at competition venues as well as physical training sessions.

The final outcome of the sessions is to allow you as the athlete to be competent at using relevant psychological strategies to further improve your competitive performance.

We would recommend booking a introduction session with Jon in the first instance, he can then advise on further sessions

Group Sessions

Where it may not be possible to provide one to one sessions a group workshop is a very competitively priced solution. Especially relevant in the team setting such sessions are aimed at developing athlete’s awareness of mental components of the game.

Athletes are typically then guided though a needs analysis specific to sport demands and working in groups are introduced and guided though the development of specific cognitive skills.

Group sessions are particularly effective at allowing teams to develop structured warm up routines to prepare for competition or to apply goal setting principles to increase the effectiveness of training processes.

Coaches’ workshops

As is working with athletes working with coaches is equally important to improve the effectiveness of training processes.

Coach’s workshops are aimed at developing knowledge towards the application of mental skills within the applied training setting.

Seminar workshops typically focus on important aspects such as athlete self-confidence, motivation, regulating stress, and observation and prevention of athlete overtraining and burnout. In addition, specific sessions target the structure of training sessions to coaching practice to improve technical skill acquisition and retention.  The specific requirement and priorities regarding the most important mental skills are discussed working with the coaching staff.

Some of our previous and current clients
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